Anti-Money Laundering

initiatives at GreenVest

We protect our clients and promote social responsibility

The GreenVest Group takes our duty towards social responsibility very seriously and upholds the Danish Bankers Association’s code of conduct to combat financial crime.

We put ethics above profit

We do not accept clients that do not live up to our standards regardless of earnings. We aim to go beyond simply complying with the letter of the law. Our policies, processes and practices reflect the spirit and intent of the law as well.

Our company culture keeps us focused

Preventing money laundering and terrorist financing is embedded in the way GreenVest Group operates, through our culture, education and communication. We encourage all employees to take individual and collective responsibility against financial crime. We take into account non-financial considerations when we employ, promote, and remunerate.

We collaborate with all stakeholders, including the authorities

We work constructively with our partners (correspondent banks and liquidity providers) to counter money laundering and financial crime. We report suspicious activity to the authorities and we work collaboratively with the relevant authorities. We are transparent in our measures to counter financial crime and terrorist financing.

Management is actively involved

Management sets the tone from the top with clear expectations that filter through the entire organisation. Compliance with rules and regulations, including against financial crime and terrorist financing, is anchored in the foundation of the Group’s strategy execution plan and defined by specifically outlined objectives and priorities.